Dana has over 8 years of experience in the Nutraceutical Field, and a background of over 12 years of experience working for a Fortune 200 Insurance Company.  Dana began his career as an Insurance Agent, opening his sales agency in Salt Lake City, UT.  His mission was simple, be transparent, provide people with superior customer service, and make it a fun place to be!  His clear vision quickly paid off, making his sales agency the highest ranking revenue producing agency in his region.  He was then offered a Corporate Sales Management position in Washington State, where he recruited and mentored other start-up agents, helping them to build successful businesses.  After realizing the exciting opportunities that lay await in the health and wellness field of NutraCeuticals, Dana decided to begin a new chapter in this field with his brother and partner James to create NutraLinkUSA.  Together with James, he has carried his simple vision forward to his customers – be transparent, provide superior customer service with an environment of positivity!  Dana considers his customers to be his most valuable business partners, and providing them with a platform for success, his most important achievement.  It is his commitment to that valued partnership that drives him along with the commitment that is echoed by his dynamic team.