You need your powder formula to stand out from the rest. To do this, you need our technical expertise to master a perfect flavor profile, all natural flavors and ingredients, the art of great mixability and texture, vibrant coloring and smell and an understanding of how all these ingredients work together. Don’t leave these critical steps to just anyone.


There is more to capsules than meets the eye. You need to choose the right high quality capsule in the right size. From Pullulan, Vegetable HPMC, Colored , Liquid and much more. We can help you pick the right capsule project with expertise to custom formulate the cleanest most efficient products on the market.


Consider this as the “main course” of a skin care regiment. Having the right serum to work in tandem with moisturizers that lock in their effect is critical. The right combination of antioxidants and botanicals is the difference of products that really work and make your brand seamless.


Its all about customer experience. Customer friendly packaging, robust flavor and appealing dissolvabilty. We can deliver fast sample turn around and offer great alterantives to traditional supplements that your customer will love.


From Stock to Custom we help you navigate the not always obvious world of soft gels. Need a custom Vegan Softgel with Tapioca or Carageenan? Need a stable high payload dosage softgel to out perform your competition? Need ingredient suggestions or just learn more about what you can do in a softgel? We can help!


Are you ready for your next great product to diversify your line? Do you want Ideas to make your existing Liquid better and more marketable? From liposomal and botanical supplements to essential oils to eco friendly packaged H20, we have the diversity, chemists and equipment to get you to the next level.

Skin Care

With ever-growing research and technology, you need the newest and most cutting edge options available to you. The right packaging is just as important. We can take the time to help you find the perfect combination.

Pet Health

Let’s face it, our furry friends can be finicky about wanting to take supplements. We recognize this! We specialize in multiple delivery systems and flavor profiles that actually work and create the reorders you need to be successful.


Tablets can be tricky. From the multiple sizes and shapes, clean edges, hardness or softness, proper digestion and dissolvability, and the right pharmaceutical glaze to make them customer-friendly to swallow. Our Chief Medical Advisor can help you formulate the perfect tablet!


Hydrate and moisturize, sounds simple but there are numerous factors to consider from the degree of semi solid emulsion levels to healthy skin interactions. Natural options are of utmost consumer concern in this category. As well as understanding how they work in harmony with other ingredients in your product line.

Bars Snacks

Consumers demand diversity in how they get supplements. Let our food scientists help you create a unique tasty option to both meet their desired healthy goals and practical needs for people on the go.


Need a top of the line stock gummy at a reduced order size to get started or round out your brand? Or better yet, a uniquely formulated custom gummy developed by chemists and doctors who specialize in maximum efficacy with clean ingredients with low carbohydrate options? With all the factors to consider from size, shape and flavor, Nutralink can help.

Nutralinkusa did a great job in helping us bring our product to the market.
The service was one stop-shop, starting with helping us custom formulate the product and ending the custom bottle and the label.
Special thanks to James and his team for their professionalism quick turn around

Andrei — Brand Owner