Are you an international company and need help with U.S Manufacturing? Are you currently using a U.S manufacturing lab and cannot get the turnaround time you need or the documentation you require for your country? Is communication the root of your challenges? Are you needing help getting your product organized to send to Amazon or other ecommerce platforms?

NutraLinkUSA International Direct Program, eliminates these obstacles by aligning the client with the appropriate manufacturing lab that best fits their product needs. NutraLinkUSA operates in the space of the manufacturing labs existing margins that are already figured in their pricing for customer service and marketing. Our extensive industry experience and strong personal relationships in the industry, brings YOUR BUSINESS innovation, competitive options, operation solutions and efficiency in order to bring your product ideas from starting with a concept, to completion and delivering your finished product to the marketplace

Providing better communication of the client’s needs and assisting superior customer service for the manufacturing lab, benefits each client and supplier with long term benefits.

The benefits of this program to your business 

  • Direct Access to top our prequalified top 25 US Manufacturers. Let us help you NEGOTIATE the best possible price and best ingredients. Made in the USA, the right way.
  • Our “International Escrow” payment option. In addition to us prequalifying the best matched lab, add another layer of security and use our verified third party money manager to give you the confidence you need in your investment.
  • Ship international with ease. We are registered all around the world, from China to the Middle East, the EU and beyond, we offer cost effective logistic connections that save time and money to make your product viable for profit. Ask about our FOB and U.S Port options.
  • WE specialize in international documentation. CO’s, Free Sale Certificates, COA’s, GMP approved, Notarized Embassy seal/Documents, FDA Attorney help and other documents needed for your government.
  • U.S Doctor Board, have access to talk to one of our U.S Nutritional Doctor’s for custom formula development.
  • Capabilities include- HALAL, KOSHER, GMP, NSF, USDA, FDA registered and more.
  • Product Tuning. Needing help with a new custom formula. Access our doctors and lab formulators for your next big idea.
  • e-commerce experts. Our partnerships understand Amazon and other e-commerce platform’s requirements of specific rules and regulations for correct shipping, weights and DIM’s.
  • We offer services to LINK you with additional resources from anywhere in the world, including, raw materials, graphic design, label compliance, label printing, shipping and logistics, specialized packaging, marketing, SEO and web design, product ideas and formulation assistance , third party testing and much more.