NutraLink is a Buying Group Network. What exactly is a buying group network? To put it in simple terms, we team up with nutraceutical manufacturers and the people who buy from them, to create lower prices. You may have heard of the term “economy of scale”. Stores like Sams Club and Walmart operate on this principle. They buy in such large quantities that they are able to get lower prices, since such large purchases give them greater leverage over the producers of the goods they sell and buy.

Leverage Economy Of Scale For Your Business

One of the problems many supplement & beauty product companies have is MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity ). In order to get a lab to produce you product, you have to order at least a thousand bottles with most companies, if not double! If your product is new or has not been marketed correctly, you may have problems selling you stock before it expires, even at that minimum inventory level of a few thousand! For smaller labels then, getting labs to give you a discount is almost impossible. You have no economy of scale working in your favor.

Enter The Buying Group

Imagine that you place your order of 1000 bottles with a buying group, who has also placed other orders for 10 or 20 other customers with the same lab. To the Laboratory, the order is not 1000 bottles. It’s now upwards of 10 to 20K! The buying group can leverage the power of multiple orders to give your SMB the same buying power as a large corporation! That is the power of the buying group.

More Features – Lower MOQ’s

Another advantage a buying group can offer in some cases is lower MOQ requirements. You may be able to team up in some cases and spit your manufacturing orders with another buyer who has a similar product. An MOQ of 1000 can become 500 if we are able to “partner” you with an identical formula.

Better Customer Service

The customer service you can expect to receive from most laboratories is at best, mediocre. Even larger supplement companies who do volume business with many labs have a difficult time getting them to provide decent customer service. For the same reasons that economy of scale works for us, so does customer service. If your orders are placed through a group, one that is on the phone with and constantly placing orders with the lab / manufacturer, your problems are likely to get resolved much quicker! In fact, since we are a white glove service, you rely on us to resolve them for you. This takes a huge amount of the stress associated with production of your lap!


No matter your size, or particular industry specialization, NutraLink can help you save money. Contact Us now to learn more.